Innovations in Care

We provide programs and services that transform the lives of people affected by neuromuscular disease.

Community Education

腾博网址MDA has prepared resources and materials to help educate our community about the fundamentals of neuromuscular disease. New resources are always in development so please check back periodically to access more information, programs, and materials.

Disease Fact Sheets

腾博网址These fact sheets provide general information about each disease including: signs and symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis and treatments.

To learn more about these and other neuromuscular diseases supported by MDA, click here腾博网址 to visit our disease webpages.

Neuromuscular Disease Education

Important non-disease specific resources for those living with neuromuscular disease and their loved ones.

MDA Engage Community Webinars

MDA hosts educational webinars for our community on many topics. Click here to view our archived programs.

MDA Engage Community Educational Events

Learn more about our ongoing series of live educational meetings across the US and register to attend by clicking the link here.


MDA Thanks our sponsors:

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