Innovations in Care

We provide programs and services that transform the lives of people affected by neuromuscular disease.

MDA Care Center Network

腾博网址Located at more than 150 of the top health care institutions across the United States, MDA Care Centers and Affiliates serve as the nexus for expert clinical care and medical research. Our Care Center Network offers tens of thousands of appointments each year for individuals living with muscular dystrophy, ALS and other neuromuscular diseases to access expert multidisciplinary care, clinical trials, and to connect with MDA and the neuromuscular community.

For more than 65 years, MDA has committed to transforming the lives of individuals living with neuromuscular diseases腾博网址 through innovations in care and science. From supporting a nationwide network of Care Centers—to serving as the largest source of research funding outside of the federal government—to providing essential programs and services including our National Resource Hub, community and professional education and summer camp.

MDA Care Center Locations

腾博网址Explore the MDA Care Center Network and find a location near you below.

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